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Verse 2

I know I ain’t perfect
but it’s a reason why I feel 
you’re worthless..

Took away our school funding
just to hurt us
Funded a war instead
You murderous..

My teachers on strike now
They won’t teach us cus 
the money ain’t, Right Now!
So I’m learning from the streets
not the right crowd
Cus my daddy ain’t here
to tell me, pipe down!

But, that’s neither here nor there
you want me there, not here
How can I trust you care,
when you don’t lend an ear?

Quit saying shits the same
As if my life gon’ change
I’ll never feel no shame
No hero, fuck yo fame

And that’s just how I feel
Need better leaders still
Was deal the wrong cards,
so nigga what’s the deal?

Are we the same people?
Is every thing equal?
It’s warmer up there, 
but cooler down here..


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Verse 1

Lately I don’t know what’s in to me
my friends are my enemies
(still we hang out)
I keep em close, like they’re kin to me
I gain through the empathy
And now it’s understood
that’s why I’m in the club
next to the dude with the mug
feel my sympathy
We need a cure, where’s the remedy?
I tell you, no, you tell me
Is it wrong to sale weed, if they would
rather deploy us, than employ us?
Could never be employee of the month
so I gotta sell the skunk
But this is only half of my story
my brother got locked up
in that game, aww poor me
Nah pour me a glass of that Bellvie
cus Ima celebrate helping others
through his story
Surely, it’s gon be, 4-1 Fenk
til I D.I.E,
feel my
my “People In Poverty”
see how we 
build and connect worldly..


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tribal wall

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Brick Wall

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Wet Leaf

Wet leaf on the concrete
nothing more than a man
that fell from its tree
and landed on the ground
in abandoned space
Hit reality and then it rained on me
yeah, I was detached from a higher place
And ended up here
stamped on the street

written by: TAP PEOPLES

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Girl with Apples

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Girl with Apples

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